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The Small Business Voice: October 2018

admin | October 18, 2019

The Small Business Voice; October 2018
Where Would We Be?
NJ Congressional Delegation, the State Legislature and Governor’s Support
Are Essential for Small Business Growth

America’s SBDC New Jersey, which is part of a national network America’s SBDC located in all 50 states, assists small business owners in all 21 counties. According to America’s SBDC, small businesses assisted by SBDCs had an average 14.8% rate of job growth as compared with the national average of 1.8% for businesses not receiving SBDC assistance.
It starts at the local office of an SBDC. The soon-to-be entrepreneur receives advice and guidance from our business experts on how to start his or her business. An existing business hits a bump in the road and its owner/operator comes to us to help in navigating the challenge. The established business has an idea for a new market niche and needs financing to accomplish the objective. Enter the business experts from our NJSBDC network. These actions translate into new businesses, growing businesses, and jobs for our small business clients.
Without the support of Congress – and our own NJ state congressional delegation; without the support and advocacy of our State Legislature – led by some stellar supporters; and without the support and agreement of the governor and lieutenant governor, the NJSBDC network would not have all the resources it needs to do the job it does for small businesses across New Jersey. Leveraged state funds with federal funding and additional private sector support add up to an abundant amount of diverse resources, providing comprehensive assistance for small businesses in New Jersey.
Once more, the Legislature came through with its funding support and recognition of the NJSBDC program during this budget cycle. And the Murphy Administration joined the Legislature in restoring state funding for a program with a good return on investment.
Thanks to the Assembly and Senate Budget Committee members and leaders from both parties for advancing the cause of small business ownership and entrepreneurship. Good occurrences like these outcomes just don’t happen on their own!
Our network’s SBDC accountability reports matter. We’re glad our legislative leaders and advocates take the time to review, listen and absorb the program’s impact on business owners’ lives and the effects on the state’s business climate and small business growth.
On behalf of the entire NJSBDC network and the small businesses we assist, Thank You for another uplifting moment during this FY 2018-19 budget cycle. And, we look forward to our continued collaboration. We’re optimistic that New Jersey’s investment in the program will soon match the national average. New Jersey’s small businesses deserve it!

Deborah K. Smarth is Chief Operating Officer and Associate State Director of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Network.

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