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3 Marketing Communication Tools You Should Know About

admin | October 6, 2022

Marketing communication tools are programs and strategies that your business uses to put the word out about the products and services that it provides. An effective marketing campaign should take into consideration factors that include the target audience’s preferences along with whether or not your business is promoting a new product or trying to increase interest in long-term service. Using multiple tools helps your marketing campaigns to be more successful, and these three are known for their effectiveness.

#1 Engage Directly With Your Target Audience On Social Media

Social media marketing campaigns make it easier to emphasize your company brand and story. People love feeling a personal connection to the companies that they do business with, and posting on social media allows your business the opportunity to respond directly to questions that people have about specific products and services.

Launching a promotion on social media is an effective way to get people excited about your business, and encouraging people to share your posts helps to generate buzz. Keep in mind that the various social media platforms tend to be used by different people, so remember to pay attention to the demographics and interaction habits of your target audience before focusing on specific ones.

#2 Capture Undivided Attention With Direct Mail and Print Advertising

Online marketing tools are great for casting a wider net, but they do come with the drawback of only being effective for a few short seconds before a prospective customer clicks on to something else. Direct mail marketing campaigns give your target audience the opportunity to interact with the materials at a time that’s convenient for them.

Direct print advertising can include letters, coupons, catalogs and flyers that offer more information than you might be able to put in a quick social media post. Combining catalogs and other mailers with email follow-ups are a great way to get the best of both worlds when you’re marketing multiple products.

#3 Establish Expertise With Trade Shows and Webinars

Although online marketing campaigns tend to get a lot of hype, there is still much to be said about making an effort toward in-person contact. Sending your best salespeople to trade shows is a great way to get the target audience’s hands on new products or sample materials.

Webinars are another great way to provide a personal touch regarding the insight that your company has in a specific industry. Putting a face to your company while interacting in real time with potential customers and clients helps to build personal relationships that often generate more quality leads and return business.

Building a marketing campaign typically involves using multiple tools to spread the word about a business. Once you’ve selected your tools, you’ll also want to break them down into their sub-categories that fit your company’s goals. Making a decision to post on a specific social media platform or to send out mailers versus hanging flyers makes a significant difference in who the marketing efforts reach. As a final note, make sure to assess how each tool works so that you can make strategic adjustments for future campaigns.

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