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5 Marketing Changes To Make in 2022

admin | July 12, 2022

Change is in the air for small businesses as everyone heads into the second half of 2022. Earlier in the year, your company might have been focused on recovering from some of the economic strain that still lingered from the pandemic. Now that things are smoothing out, your business is ready to start making a few changes to your marketing plan. These strategies will help you close out the year strong while leveraging your company to move into next year’s first quarter with a growing customer base.

Build a Sense of Community

After more than a year of isolation, people are choosing to come out in droves to visit their favorite restaurants and other small businesses. Hosting special events that encourage people to gather and create happy memories is a great way to generate positive buzz about your business. If you own a bar or restaurant, then consider planning a game night. Or, you might invite your patrons to visit your company or purchase a product to benefit a local charitable organization. When people are excited about what your company is doing in the community, they’ll be more likely to spread the word to their neighbors.

Humanize Your Company With Live Social Media Interactions

During the past two years, live streams and ask-me-anything conversations have become popular ways to connect with potential customers on social media. Try inviting your company’s followers to take a live look at an aspect of the production processes, or you could ask a team member to answer questions about a brand new product. Allowing people to get a glimpse of your company’s processes gives your business a human element that builds trust and interest in what you’re doing next.

Upgrade the Customer Experience With Live Chat

A streamlined website helps to prevent losing customers that bounce due to slow loads or a lack of information. Yet, you could be missing out on one of the simplest ways to retain customer attention if you don’t have a live chat option on your site. Offering your customers a way to get instant feedback on their questions shows a commitment to customer service and might be all that a hesitant buyer needs to decide to click the purchase button on their cart.

Form Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Working with another brand that offers complementary products and services can help both of your companies to double up on your marketing efforts. For example, your wedding planning venue can offer referrals to entertainment companies if you don’t offer an in-house band. Or, your restaurant and a local florist could offer discounts for each other’s businesses to customers who are planning for a special celebration. Attending networking events is a great way to connect with other small business owners who are eager to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Expand Your Reach With Micro-Influencers

If you think that your business is too small to work with high-end influencers, then think again. Micro-influencers are often eager to work with companies that can help them to improve their influencer status. Look for local influencers who are still growing their follower base. Offering them a freebie could showcase your product or services to a whole new aspect of your target market.

Every marketing change you make should lead to clear results. Make sure to continue monitoring the effects of the new changes so that you can adjust your strategies accordingly. Remember to give each new change time to work, and increase the focus on the ones that are the most effective for increasing your company’s brand awareness.

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