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5 Ways to Maintain Positive Mental Health at Work

admin | May 16, 2022

The arrival of spring always seems to brighten everyone’s mood. In addition to enjoying the beautiful flowers and bright sunshine, you’ll also want to remember that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Today, many people are dealing with increased stress that can take a toll on their productivity and emotional wellbeing. Fortunately, increasing positivity in the workplace is easier when you add these five strategies to your weekly routine.

1. Start the Day Off Strong

Establishing an efficient morning routine is a great way to stave off negativity before you even make it out the door. You’ll also want to throw in something that you look forward to each morning. Whether you love getting pumped up listening to your favorite songs on your commute or savor a cup of warm tea, doing something for yourself puts you in a wonderful mood that carries through the rest of your day.

2. Make Positivity Happen

It’s far too easy to think that you don’t have control over your stress levels when your company is in the height of a busy season, but you do have ways to reestablish your happiness. Try practicing a few random acts of kindness in your workplace. This could be as simple as telling a coworker that you loved their presentation, or you might bring a few snacks to stash in the break room. Helping others get in a good mood changes the whole atmosphere around the office and you’ll find yourself smiling, too.

3. Work Mini Breaks Into Your Day

You might not think you have time to do a full meditation session every day, but you probably could squeeze in five minutes of deep breathing before you log in for a virtual meeting. A mini-break doesn’t have to take long for you to feel the benefits. Even taking a quick walk outside on your lunch break gives you the chance to soak up some sun and get the endorphins pumping through your body.

4. Be Realistic About Your Work Load

A large amount of work stress comes from feeling overburdened. If you’re swamped this week, then consider asking a colleague to help you out with a project. Or, you might be able to ask for an extension on a deadline. Being honest about what you can realistically accomplish not only helps you to avoid staying up late nights trying to finish everything, but you’ll also have more success when you have the time to do things right.

5. Put the Brakes On Complaining

You should definitely have a work friend or family member who doesn’t mind you venting now and then. But, you also want to avoid having this become a constant habit that infuses your day with frustration. Try to notice when you are using negative language or self-talk and try to switch it up. Viewing a problem as an opportunity for growth really can help to lift your mood.

Stress at work can sometimes be unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to affect your overall mental well-being. Choosing to take time out for self-care and do your best to spread positivity around makes every workplace a little better for everyone. Now, all you have to do is pick your new favorite place to take a lunch break walk or choose which coworker you want to pay a random compliment to and you’re all set for making this month’s focus a great success.

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