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Marcela Zuchovicki

admin | December 19, 2021

Capital Team & Speciality Consultant

Marce Andrea Zuchovicki is the founder of Jalima Coffee, Jalima Aranis, and of Jalima & Associates. Marcela’s passion for helping individuals and small businesses, as well as her background in working for large corporations and internationally renowned not-for-profits, created the desire to one day own businesses that would assist companies with business planning, strategic and financial solutions for their accounting and bookkeeping needs as well as providing growth and quality control methodologies. Fluent in five languages and a degree in Actuarial Science, Marcela has lived in many different countries and has worked in multiple industries.  Marce is an experienced business owner with clients ranging from universities, not-for-profit organizations, Forbes Global 2000 companies, government institutions to start-ups. She brings a deep knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methods to her strategy work and CFO/Bookkeeping practices. Together with her team, Marce helps clients grasp opportunities for growth by developing business strategies and internal processes necessary to address such opportunities. She has worked for global companies such as UNICEF, National Institute for the Indians in Mexico, IBM, and several leading Universities and Museums in Mexico, Europe, and the USA. Marce has been an instructor for the past 11 years for the Rutgers University Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative (EPI) program and is a business and financial coach for the Rutgers CUEED, NJSBDC, and Rising Tide Capital. Her company, Jalima Aranis/Jalima & Associates, advises large US and foreign companies interested in continuous improvements and efficiencies and provides CFO/Bookkeeping services to small businesses and no-for-profits in the US. Marce has received numerous awards, including the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Ellis Still EPI award, Leading Women Entrepreneurs, The Einstein Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year, and Mentor of the Year Award.  Marce serves on the Board of the University Economic Development Association (UEDA), Advisory Board of the Market Research Center at Seton Hall University, Board of the Warren County Senior and Disabilities Services, and is a Money Manager for the State of NJ. Marce launched in 2012 JALIMA Talent Collaboration Tool, a personality assessment and workshop program that helps companies create better teams in their workforce. Through her work and long tenure at AFS Intercultural Programs, Marce has published several handouts on international relations, communication, and cultural differences among countries. Her University Thesis was entitled “An Application of Linear Algebra Focused in understanding Genetics.”. Learn more about Ms. Zuchovicki

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