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Shawn Oommen

admin | December 19, 2021

Director of Finance & Program Manager | CPA

Shawn started as a Senior Consultant for the NJ Small Business Development Center (NJSBDC) Capital Team, where he specialized in helping all varieties of small businesses secure financing capital. He has now moved into the role of the Director of Finance, where he performs organization-wide budgeting, reporting, and forecasting operations at the NJSBDC State Office. He is also the Program Manager for the SSBCI (State Small Business Credit Initiative) Technical Assistance Grant. Prior to joining the SBDC, Shawn spent several years as a consultant assisting large corporate clients with producing and updating budgeting and forecasting models for large-scale company-wide business process orchestration and automation efforts. He also has extensive experience working within accounting ledger systems to help ensure proper GAAP financial reporting for 30+ commercial investment funds valued together at over five billion USD. Shawn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in both Finance and Accounting from Rutgers University and a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship from Harvard University. Shawn is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the state of New Jersey.

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