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    Business – Growth Accelerator Program


    Outcome Focused Strategic Consulting

    for Established High-Growth/High-Impact Businesses




    An in-depth assessment of all areas of your business.

    • Business Identity & Structure 

    • ​Operations (HR, IT, Payroll, Processes, Inventory control, etc.)

    • ​Marketing​ (Product lines. Target markets, Communications – traditional & digital)​

    • Financial Management​ (Cash flow, Capital investments, Financial projections)​​

    • Strategic Planning​ (Mission/Vision, Succession & Contingency planning, JVs)​




    An expert B-GAP Advisor leads the evaluation and project planning teams to develop actionable projects with definitive outcomes, milestones, responsibilities within a strategic framework for your business. Projects typically are formulated addressing immediate growth impediments, such as: 

    • staffing,

    • infrastructure, 

    • access to (and use of) capital and/or

    • marketing.

    While these are the most common areas of concern, these examples are not all inclusive. 

    Project Implementation

    The secret ingredient in B-GAP success is the Project Approach to Strategic Growth. Our success rate (well over 90%) is dependent on the following:

    • your commitment to the process – both time and money

    • the skill of the B-GAP Advisor in the evaluation process

    • the identification and planning of the right projects (results, duration and continuation of growth processes) 

    • partnership with your expert team.



    Project Approach to Strategic Growth


    Think you’re ready?


    There are specific criteria for participation in the B-GAP Strategic Advancement Project.


    • Company Size:  $1 million and/or 10 + employees

    • Company Status:  Existing business beyond start-up phase

    • Management Commitment:  Must be willing to commit time & money to succeed