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Best Digital-Marketing Spends for 2023

admin | February 2, 2023

Marketing takes up a good chunk of a small business’s budget, and you want to know that every dollar you spend goes towards strategies that yield a high ROI. As an entrepreneur, 2023 holds incredible promise for helping you to squeeze more results out of every method you use in your marketing campaigns. As the year takes off, consider directing more of your funds towards these top digital marketing spends that are bound to help you attract and retain more customers.

Invest In Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Brand influencers operate a lot like models do in print ads by serving as the face of someone who loves your company’s products and services. Using platforms such as Instagram and TikTok helps you to reach thousands of potential customers, but you’ll first need to work with an influencer who has the right type of following. For most small businesses, you won’t necessarily need a huge celebrity. Yet, paying an influencer who has followers that meet your target audience’s demographics is a great way to inform more people about what your business has to offer.

Plan to Pay for Short-Form Video Content

One of the reasons why influencers are so successful is that they give people the opportunity to visualize how a product works. In addition to influencer campaigns, you can also plan to invest in more short-form videos that you can then share through emails and across your company’s various social media channels. Keep in mind that videos should be relevant, to the point and engaging to your target audience to be effective.

Add More Personalization to Your Campaigns

Today’s technology makes it possible to use algorithms to guide members of the target audience through experiences that build more trust and interest in your company’s products and services. From sending out a follow up email about a current sale on a product that a customer previously showed interest in to inserting their name on mass email blasts, you’ve got an array of options for making each contact you have with someone feel personal and uniquely suited to their shopping habits and interests.

Gather More Data With Form Building

Certain types of data gathering practices have always felt a little shady, and privacy laws have made it harder to get information without someone’s permission. Fortunately, your small business doesn’t have to engage in unethical practices to get information when you can encourage prospective customers to let you know what they need. Adding online forms allows your customers to quickly input their information to place an order or request a quote on a service. With easy templates, you can also set up surveys that allow your customers to be upfront about their experiences so that your company knows where and how to meet their needs.

Digital marketing strategies offer a relatively low-cost way to spread the word far and wide about how your company stands out from the competition. Yet, small businesses tend to do best when they focus on using strategies that are known to work and that tap into the latest consumer trends. As a final note, remember that you’ll want to invest in tracking the success of each new strategy you try. Over time, you’ll be able to see where to spend and what to skip based upon the patterns that emerge regarding customer interactions.

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