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Beyond Registration: Ongoing Support and Resources for NJ Registered Businesses

admin | December 18, 2023

New Jersey is renowned for its welcoming environment for small businesses. Whether it’s local diners, boardwalk shops, or tech startups, the state seems to attract entrepreneurs from all walks of life. While registering your business marks an initial step for NJ entrepreneurs, the need for ongoing support remains crucial. Exploring the resources the state offers for registered business owners helps you maintain momentum for building a thriving company.

Read Up On State and Federal Resources

New Jersey offers a personalized business start-up kit that is designed to help entrepreneurs make their first steps toward finding funding. Once you’ve navigated your way through the kit, you can also reach out to organizations that offer support with tasks that include finding funding to expand your business or grants for companies with a focus on using sustainable practices.

Gain Valuable Insight From Webinars

New business owners often have questions that have long existed for entrepreneurs. Whether you have a question about how to operate on a start-up budget or are curious about the latest marketing techniques, you can bet there’s a webinar available to walk you through the basics and beyond. Being able to choose a webinar that focuses on a specific theme also helps you save time compared to sitting through lengthy conference agendas. Once you gain an understanding of the basics of a topic, you can then refine your knowledge by talking to a small business expert.

Attend a State-Wide Event

Events for New Jersey small businesses range from large-scale conferences to intensive small-group workshops that give you a chance to refine your skills as an entrepreneur. State-wide events make it possible to connect with some of the leaders within various industries that you might not meet in your community. With many NJ small business events being offered online right now, you don’t have to travel or take too much time out of your already busy schedule to learn about topics such as how to grow your company’s word-of-mouth referrals or analyze financial statements.

Receive Personalized Mentoring and Counseling Services

As you participate in workshops and encounter new challenges for your business, you’re bound to have questions that pertain specifically to your company. Once you’ve reached this point, you can congratulate yourself for making it past the startup stage of your business and into the growth phase.

Learning and growing is what being an entrepreneur is all about, and you can trust that there is someone who has once been in your shoes. Small business counselors often specialize in specific aspects of running a new business, such as learning how to leverage technology for growth or market to a growing customer base. If you’re running into new challenges or developing questions that seem specific to your business, then seeking expert advice can help you get the information you need.

NJSBDC is dedicated to doing more to help small business owners than just getting their companies off the ground. Once you’ve become a registered business owner, you can continue to receive ongoing support that helps you make progress toward your long-term goals. To get started, register for a workshop or reach out to one of our expert counselors to receive personalized advice that helps your business thrive.

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