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Sunny Kancherla

Sunny Kancherla, MBA

e-Business, NJSBDC

Senior Online Consultant and Portable e-Learning

Sunny Kancherla is a veteran digital strategist and e-marketing expert that has built a website,, that sees over half a million visitors each year and searched over 10 million times since its inception.  Sunny has successfully managed the online marketing budgets for publicly traded companies with annual budgets of over $30 million.  Mr. Kancherla is a contributing editor for and a highly sought after consultant with the NJSBDC network since 2008, who has helped dozens of small business owners successfully take their business online.  Read more.


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e-Business Webinars


Grow your business online! e-Business seminars help small businesses or individuals who want to start their business to plan, develop, and market their websites as well as manage technology for the benefit of their business operations in light of the increased need to use information technology to compete in a fast-paced, global business environment. Seats are limited, reserve yours now!


Webinar Topics



Internet Strategies:  Re-engineer Your Website to Earn More Money

How much is your website making for you?  If you don’t know, then that is a huge problem.  Enroll in this cornerstone webinar to ensure your website is doing as much as it can for your business.


Online Innovation:  Drive Traffic, Build Relationships, and Boost Sales                 

Is your website working for you?   How can you be sure?  Now more than ever, prospects and customers are looking for information online before they even get in their car, pick up the phone, or enter your store. Can they find you? Learn proven strategies to promote your website on and off-line.


Online Presence: Why Your Reputation Means Everything

When people look up your business online, what do they find?  Bad reviews?  No reviews?  Or something else?  Why are you putting obstacles between you and your prospective customers with doubt?  Learn how your online presence can help you dominate your market!


E-Mail Marketing: Creating a Winning Campaign

Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing?  Do you realize what a good email marketing campaign can contribute to your sales efforts? Don’t miss out on the numerous benefits that email marketing can achieve for you. It is surely a potent source of income that you can use as you start drawing in traffic to your website and converting customers into buyers using the power that email marketing possesses. Long live Email Marketing!


Next Level Marketing: Social Media Secret Weapons   

Do you know the true power of social media? Business owners who take this webinar find out how to best utilize social media with techniques they didn’t know was possible.  Learn how to leverage social media to improve customer relationships and your bottom line







  • Webinars are seminars conducted over the internet.
  • You connect remotely from your office or home office, affording you additional cost and time saving benefits.
  • Registration ends 12:00 pm on the DAY OF the webinar.
  • All webinars are 6:00 – 7:00 pm.
  • You will receive a Confirmation/ Reminder email no later than 2:00pm on the day of your webinar giving you direct instructions on connecting to your webinar.
  • Please follow the directions listed carefully.
  • Please give yourself a minimum of 15 – 30 minutes to make sure your computer is properly configured and set – up for the webinar to address any issues before the start time.
  • YOU MUST have computer SPEAKERS to hear the webinar.
  • Q&A is offered at the end of each webinar.
  • All webinars are $25, per person unless otherwise indicated.

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