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Email Marketing Trends for 2023

admin | January 5, 2023

The year is still new, which means that you have plenty of time to upgrade your email marketing plans with the latest strategies for gaining the attention of your company’s target audience. In today’s economically uncertain times, email marketing campaigns give your business a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and trust among its current and prospective customers. This year, you’ll find these email marketing trends taking greater prominence in campaigns, and adding these strategies to your plans can help you start seeing greater growth throughout 2023.

Implement Privacy-Compliant Tracking Strategies

The implementation of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection policy in 2021 still influences how email marketers can track metrics today. While users of Apple products can opt to hide information such as their email or IP address when they sign up for newsletters or create profiles for apps, this doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain the information that you need for your campaigns.

Instead of looking at who opens an email and their location, marketers are finding it more useful to identify what makes someone click on a link or product ad. You can also add a feedback request form at the end of an email to assess the target audience’s engagement through voluntarily provided information.

Shift to Tracking Different Metrics

Consumers this year are expected to continue to take actions that help to trim down their inbox. Instead of focusing on unreliable data, such as how many opens occur, it is better to take a look at the current subscribe/unsubscribe numbers to get a quick snapshot of how well an email marketing strategy is working. Sending out an inquiry to those who unsubscribe can also provide your team with insight into what is working or needs to be cut.

While the subscriber list can provide you with a surface snapshot of the target audience’s behaviors, you might also want to dive deeper. Analyzing email content clicks can help you develop a stronger buyer persona with greater information about their actual interest. For instance, someone who clicks on only one product might be only slightly interested in learning more. Someone who clicks through several product links is likely to have a higher interest in doing business with your company.

Streamline Customer Interactions With Interactive Emails

As you step up your email marketing game plan, consider using technology to make ads and newsletters interactive. In 2023, consumers tend to make purchasing decisions fast, and no one likes wasting time by having to click away to another website when they are busy. Interactive emails allow your target audience to quickly see information such as how much of a product is in stock. You can even set up these emails to allow someone to add the product to their cart for instant sales conversions.

The best thing about email marketing campaigns is that you can also change directions as the market requires. Make sure to increase monitoring of how each new strategy your team implements influences the success of each campaign. Then, plan to reassess and adjust your email marketing plans accordingly. Staying on top of the latest trends keeps your business relevant in the eyes of its target audience and stimulates interest that leads to higher conversions.

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