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How NJ Supports Veterans in Business

admin | May 23, 2022

Military Appreciation Month takes place every year in May and the President of the United States uses this special time to encourage all Americans to pay tribute to those who have chosen to serve as a service member to protect everyone’s freedom. New Jersey is especially patriotic this time of year, yet you’ll also find that there are numerous opportunities for veterans to find support as a small business owner throughout every month. From being able to apply for a veteran-owned business certification to receiving veteran-specific financing and lending options, it’s worth highlighting how you can use these resources to leverage your small business.

Receive Certification for Your Veteran-Owned Business

The State of New Jersey offers a Veteran-Owned Business certification that helps you to establish credibility and can bring more customers to your business’s doors. To qualify for the certification, you’ll need to provide proof that your company is operated in New Jersey and that it is at least 51% owned and operated by a person or people that are veterans. You can also apply for a Disabled Veterans-Owned Certification if you were disabled during your service time. You can register for this certification by applying online and submitting any applicable sources of proof such as a Service-Connected Award Letter.

Explore Veteran-Specific Financing and Lending Options

Veterans are known for developing their leadership qualities, and many lenders recognize that a former service member is more likely to be loyal, honest and trustworthy when it comes to paying back their loan. Depending upon the lender, you might be able to find one that offers benefits to veterans such as easier approvals or lower interest rates on business loans. You can also apply for the same types of business grants as non-veterans, yet there are also some small business grant opportunities that are received for people who served during both war and peace times. Using these financing options can help you to start your business off on a stronger financial foundation so that you are more likely to enjoy success.

Network With Other Veteran Business Owners

Small business owners in New Jersey are treated to opportunities to do more than just read and watch videos online about how to grow their company. You’ll find that there are numerous webinars and other networking events that are hosted throughout the year that often pertain to veteran entrepreneurship. You can also choose to join special groups for veteran business owners that help you to make connections that can grow your business.

This month is the ideal time to raise awareness about the many ways that New Jersey offers support to veteran business owners. Not only can you use these resources to get your business up and running, but you can also rely on them when you are ready to market your company to a wider audience or seek financing for expansion. Choosing to get certified as a veteran-owned business also helps you to take advantage of being able to list your company in ways that attract new customers that love supporting people who served in the military.

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