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    So, you’re looking to either begin your businesses or you’ve just started it and need a little guidance.  Perfect!  Though starting a new business is not always easy, the NJSBDC is the perfect resource to help you!Whether you need to test the market or gain access to capital, there are many the NJSBDC can help you along the way. Step #1:  Get Trained – Determine Your PathwayCheck to see the next training program scheduled that can give you an understanding of what you need to do to move forward.  These training programs may include “Intro to Entrepreneurship”, “Building Your Business Plan”, “Marketing Plan” and “Into to QuickBooks”.You can find updated Training Sessions to Start Your Business here:

    You can find the main NJSBDC Training Page here.

      Step #2:  Get Counseled – Align Your Strategy with Your GoalsComplete an Electronic Request for Counseling (eRFC) form through your local SBDC.  The NJSBDC network has 11 regional centers across the state covering all 21 counties in New Jersey.  Upon completing the eRFC, you will be paired with an expert consultant who will help guide you on your next steps of business development.  This is the best part of the SBDC relationship!  Our consultants will work with you at every step of your business’ path to success and on to your subsequent levels of success.  Your success is our Success!You can complete your eRFC from the links listed below: #3:  Stay Connected – Stay InformedThe NJSBDC network has tons of resources to help you and your business!  Stay up to date on insightful tips, new initiatives and developments, special events and training programs, key partnerships, and more.Also, let us know how you’re doing!  We LOVE to hear about every single accomplishment, whether it’s your business’ registration, new employees, newly launched website, or a new store.  We are excited to be your cheerleader!  Give us something new to cheer about!  🙂

    You can stay informed with the NJSBDC through:

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