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NJSBDC Announces Its 2020 Annual Small Business Growth Client Award Winners Network’s Small Biz Clients across the State Being Recognized for Success

admin | December 17, 2020

(Newark, NJ – December 17, 2020) – America’s SBDC New Jersey, also known as the New Jersey Small  Business Development Centers (NJSBDC) network, announces its 13 small business clients from around  the state being recognized for their overall business achievements as well as steadfast perseverance during  the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Traditionally, the client award winners are honored at the annual December Small Business Growth  Awards luncheon at the Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, but, this year’s luncheon was  canceled due to the health and public safety constraints of COVID-19.  

The companies being recognized come from a wide range of industries and were singled out for  successfully pivoting their business models to forge ahead with new business opportunities and a sound foundation for the future. Two of the 13 clients were acknowledged for accomplishments in technology commercialization and success in obtaining procurement opportunities. 

As a major resource provider of its primary funding partner, the U.S. Small Business Administration  (SBA), the NJSBDC program has provided comprehensive assistance for small business owners in all 21  counties for more than 40 years. The program is part of a national network of SBDCs, America’s SBDC,  in all 50 states and the American territories, which provides technical assistance for up to one million  small business owners and entrepreneurs each year. 

America’s SBDC New Jersey congratulates our 2020 client success award winners for their  accomplishments in weathering these great challenges and pivoting for recovery and future resiliency,”  stated Kelly Brozyna, NJSBDC network Chief Executive Officer and State Director. “We look forward  to 2021 and all the opportunities and assistance NJSBDC hopes to provide our small business clients  statewide to become even more resilient.” 

We want to not only congratulate our small business client success award winners, but, we are also  grateful for the efforts of the State Legislature in restoring state funding in this year’s adopted state  budget,” added Deborah Smarth, NJSBDC network Chief Operating Officer and Associate State  Director. “This support strengthens NJSBDC’s resources and assistance for small businesses in New  Jersey.” Smarth is the chief advocate for the network on legislative matters. 

NJSBDC small business clients recognized for their achievements this year include: 

  • CAROUSEL OF LEARNING, INC. (Debbie Bejsiuk), located in Berlin, NJ, is a children’s day care  center which re-opened in June after receiving disaster assistance financing, including PPP, with the help 

of the NJSBDC at Rutgers-Camden. Center’s business advisors continue to provide further assistance  and guidance concerning business re-opening stages during the pandemic.  

  • CAVEN POINT CAR CENTER, INC. (Charlie and Thomas Senatore) is located in Jersey City, NJ.  The Senatore brothers have a long history of operating diverse businesses, coming from an  entrepreneurial family. With the assistance of the NJSBDC at New Jersey City University, this business  obtained a refinancing loan as well as disaster assistance loans (EIDL and PPP) during the earlier stages  of the pandemic, retaining several jobs at their gas station and other owned business entities in the  community. 
  • DEBOER’S AUTO (Bill DeBoer, Jr.) is located in Hamburg, NJ. This family-run business is very well  known in the northern Sussex County area. It specializes in automotive technology, differentiating itself in this market over the years. With the support of NJSBDC of Northwest Jersey, the business made  strategic changes in its operations during the pandemic. 
  • GRIFFYS ORGANICS (Avry A. and Christopher W. Griffin), owned and operated by two cousins, is  located in Long Branch, NJ. With the assistance and guidance of NJSBDC at Brookdale Community  College, business sales have grown. The company’s mission focuses on sharing knowledge about  premium-grade functional nutrition for families and communities. Their “elixirs” are made in small  batches from farm-fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, and all-natural extracts, sourcing the highest quality  ingredients in-state.  
  • HORIZON ENGINEERING CONSULTING, LLC (Hao Yin, President & CEO), located in  Linwood, NJ, is a startup engineering consulting company. The company specializes in civil engineering and software development. With the assistance of NJSBDC at Stockton University and the SBDC Procurement Specialty Program, the company received loan financing and obtained procurement  contract awards. With increased sales revenues, the company increased the number of employees. 
  • INDIGRILL (Pallavi Bandi), located in Ewing, NJ, opened in August 2019 with the assistance of the  NJSBDC at The College of New Jersey. The restaurant has diverse recipes, blending sauces for a stellar  culinary experience. The regional NJSBDC has continued to support the client during the COVID-19  challenges. 
  • LBU, Inc. (Jeffrey Mayer, President & CEO), a manufacturing company located in Paterson, NJ, produces tote bags with corporate logos. During the initial outbreak of the pandemic, heeding the calls of federal/state officials, the company swiftly retrofitted its factory and began producing cloth face masks and gowns, which were in short supply for healthcare workers fighting the pandemic. A client of  NJSBDC at William Paterson University, LBU, Inc., was able to retain employees and reboot its  operations with the SBDC’s assistance. 
  • MAMA’S SOUTHERN STYLE BBQ 2, LLC (Chris Finnick), located in the Vauxhall section of  Union Township, NJ, attracts hungry customers from as far away as Pennsylvania, New York, and even  farther distances. The NJSBDC at Kean University assisted the business with an array of issues over the  years. Most recently small business owner Chris Finnick was named SBA’s New Jersey 2020 Small  Business Person of the Year. 
  • ONE CALL CONTRACTING, LLC (Kenneth Rekuc), located in Saddle Brook, NJ, has seen its  business grow after the assistance received from the NJSBDC at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Not  only has the business received PPP funding as well as an EIDL loan, but, by receiving guidance in other  operational areas during this challenging time, the company has expanded and forecasts growth in 2021.
  • ORGANIC PLANT CARE, LLC (Bill Grundmann), located in Frenchtown, NJ, has grown sales  revenues and increased the number of employees since its establishment several years ago with the  assistance of the NJSBDC at Raritan Valley Community College.  
  • PHYSICAL FEATURES SALON AND SPA (Richard Anzivino), located in Woodbridge, NJ, received assistance and guidance from the NJSBDC at Rutgers-New Brunswick to survive and revive the salon in response to the pandemic’s challenges. The actions taken by the salon’s owner helped retain  dedicated employees and created a safe environment with systems and equipment at the salon that protect  returning patrons.  
  • SONICA IMAGING (Dr. Etienne Bachmann & Dr. Gregory Davies), located in Princeton, NJ, is introducing new technology related to an ultrasoundbased MRI-quality medical imaging device. The benefits of such an innovation include higher accuracy cancer screening; improved patient experiences  and outcomes, by reducing unnecessary follow-up procedures and misdiagnosis; and the provision of  safer, non-ionizing, sedativefree imaging. With the NJSBDC Technology Commercialization  Specialty Program’s assistance, the business received National Science Foundation (NSF) grant funding  to advance its technology innovation.  
  • VILLAGE BABIES DEVELOPMENT CENTER, LLC (Dana Kearney), located in South Orange,  NJ, was established a few years ago with assistance from the NJSBDC at Rutgers-Newark. With  NJSBDC’s support, the business received an EIDL and PPP loan to compensate for the business  economic losses during the initial shutdown, helping VBDC maintain and re-hire employees. Dana used  her medical knowledge (as a nurse) to provide a protective environment at the facility to address such  COVID-19 challenges. 

The NJSBDC network is looking forward to officially recognizing these successful client award winners  at next year’s 18th Annual Small Business Growth Awards luncheon. 

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