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NJSBDC at Ramapo Helps County Officials Improve Business Practices

admin | October 31, 2019

NJSBDC at Ramapo Helps County Officials Improve Business Practices
Vincent Vicari, regional director of the New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Ramapo
College, recently spoke at the Bergen County Office for Children’s annual Childcare Conference, raising
the attendee’s awareness of the importance of improving their business practices.
The conference was the culmination of a year-long project with a group of childcare center owners,
directors and business managers. Vicari’s presentation sparked a new level of enthusiasm for these
business professionals who are working hard to improve their business practices. 
“Vince’s knowledge of the business of childcare and the enthusiasm with which he presented the topic
has given the providers valuable tools to incorporate into their businesses in order to take them to the
next level,” observed Julie O’Brien, director of the Bergen County Department of Human Services, Office
for Children.
O’Brien believes that most of the participants were unaware of the training and services available
through the NJSBDC at Ramapo College, adding that now that they know, they will spread the word.
“I’m certain they will be reaching out to use the services themselves. We hope to present another
session with Vince in the not too distant future as a part of our continued work with providers to
strengthen their business practices. Thanks to Vince and Kathleen Cronin for their time, professionalism
and patience with the many questions our providers had after the session,” she said.

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