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NJSBDC Soars Into 45th Year

NJSBDC State Office | February 1, 2022

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Statewide Network Celebrates 45 Years of Supporting NJ’s Small Business Community

February 1, 2022  (Newark, NJ) – America’s SBDC New Jersey, also known as New Jersey’s Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC), rides a wave of accomplishments as it enters its 45th year of servicing New Jersey’s entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners.

The NJSBDC, part of the initial pilot UBDC program implemented by the SBA in 1977, has been hosted by Rutgers University since the program’s start in New Jersey.  Forty-five years later the NJSBDC program services the small and mid-sized business community within the entire state at 12 regional centers hosted by Brookdale Community College, Kean University, New Jersey City University, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Rutgers University at Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark campuses; Stockton University, The College of New Jersey, William Paterson University and most recently, Fairleigh Dickinson University.   The state office resides out of Rutgers Business School in Newark.

“Rutgers Business School is more than a long-standing home to the New Jersey SBDC. It proudly supports the program’s efforts to impact the creation and survival of small businesses across the state,” said Lei Lei, the Dean of Rutgers Business School. “On this important anniversary, we wish the SBDC many more years of success in strengthening New Jersey’s small business community and its economic vitality.”

Kelly Brozyna, NJSBDC CEO and State Director says, “Being hosted by Rutgers University and part of the Rutgers Business School since our program began is an amazing accomplishment.  We’re so proud of this partnership and are looking forward to continuing to help further the state’s economy and the business development community  as part of the Rutgers team.”

Years of nurturing trusted relationships within the small business community and focusing on small business needs has led to many accomplishments by the NJSBDC Leading the wave of NJSBDC achievements is the full network national accreditation received through 2025.  Based on The Malcolm Bridge Quality Program, the National SBDC accreditation review process is mandated by the U.S. Congress to assure that SBDC programs operate efficiently and effectively.

The NJSBDC also touts a 15-member State Advisory Board made up a robust and diverse mix of new appointments and reappointments representing leaders from private and government organizations, chambers, business, and finance and industry experts whose mission is to advise, counsel, and confer with the NJSBDC CEO and State Director. This communication ensures not only that small-business interests are represented within the Network’s coordinated efforts, but also that there be investments in small business development and entrepreneurial services.

The NJSBDC also launched the very successful “Not-So-Small Business” podcast and webcast hosted by CEO/ State Director Kelly Brozyna and Small Business Edge CEO, Brian Moran.  With candid and relatable topics for business owners in and around NJ,  new and return listeners are not only engaged but leave better informed and prepared for what’s on the small-business radar.

Kelly Broznya referenced these efforts saying that “We are doing a lot of hard work in the business community and it shows. These new developments for our network solidifies the needs of the small business community and our dedication to making sure they are met.”

As a result of increased efforts that include quality technical assistance and innovative programs, the NJSBDC network received a $1 million dollar state funding increase for 2022.

Ms. Brozyna continued, “We are honored and humbled that New Jersey’s small business community, as well as the thousands of small and mid-sized business owners, have trusted us with helping them grow their businesses. We work hard on providing them resources, support, and assistance that our businesses need to help them scale into the enterprises of their dreams. The accomplishments are a wonderful way to let us know we’re still on the right track, but the business’s success is really what we want. That’s why we were put in place, and even after 45 years it’s what we love doing”.

This steadfast hard work has also won the NJSBDC statewide network recognition from the University Economic Development Association (UEDA) Awards of Excellence for its stalwart support of  New Jersey’s businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as an Environmental Leadership Award for its leadership collaboration with NJ Small Business Environmental Programs (NJ SBEAP)  in environmental performance improvement, pollution prevention, sustainability and mentoring.

One of the most innovative offerings the NJSBDC has developed is the Capital Team, made up of carefully selected expert consultants with extensive background securing capital for businesses ready for capital infusion. With the help of the Capital Team, NJSBDC clients are in the process of securing approx. $51M in funding.

The impact of the NJSBDC is undeniable.  In 2020 – 2021 alone, the NJSBDC network helped small business clients save and retain 34,171 jobs, open 628 new businesses, gain $199,283,153 in funding, and generate $4,203,993,449 in tax revenue for the state.

For more information on the NJSBDC@45, to participate in or sponsor the various celebratory programs commemorating the NJSBDC’s 45th Anniversary, go to


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About America’s SBDC New Jersey (NJSBDC)

The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers network, one of the first pilot projects in the nation, has provided comprehensive services and programs for small business in New Jersey for 45 years; SBDC experts help businesses expand their operations, manage their growth, or start new ventures. Expert staff and practicing business consultants help small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop business plans, find financing, accounting, and financial analysis, identify new markets, initiate marketing strategies, find procurement and international trade opportunities, learn green sustainability practices, commercialize technology and develop an E-commerce presence. This non-profit network, a federal-state-educational partnership, leverages funding from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the N.J. Business Action Center, the educational institutions that host the 12 centers as well as other private sponsorships and additional private/public grants. The NJSBDC State Office, located at the Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ, oversees the network which is an accredited member of America’s SBDC. Approximately 1,000 centers and satellite offices serve small businesses across the country, generating jobs and economic development. Visit


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