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Selling on Instagram for Retail Businesses

admin | September 20, 2022

Instagram might have started as a social media network that was based upon sharing visual images, but it has recently turned into a major e-commerce platform that you can use to leverage your business. Companies today are using Instagram to connect with influencers and build brand awareness. You can sell your products directly to users during the first critical moments when they are making a purchasing decision. Selling on Instagram is an opportunity to boost your company’s bottom line, and you can get started by taking a few simple steps.

Start By Defining Your Niche

Instagram is a huge platform with a diverse range of users. Before you dive in, you’ll want to spend some time learning about your ideal customer experience on the platform. Once you determine their needs and interests, you’ll also want to do some research to learn about your competition. This makes it easier to tailor your approach to make sure your company stands out among the sea of other businesses that use the platform.

Set Up an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram offers free business profiles that make it possible for you to begin building brand awareness along with an online retail store. You can easily switch your personal profile to a business one by following the prompts, which open you up to new information that is targeted toward small business owners. As a new business profile owner, take some time to get acquainted with the tools that are available for you to use to get the best possible experience. Once you do, go ahead and use the tools to set up your Instagram shop, so that you can begin reeling in sales right away.

Begin Creating Shoppable Posts

Business account owners are able to create Instagram posts that include product tags that show viewers important information such as the price and name of items that they see and want to purchase. To make your posts more compelling, remember to include a call to action that entices viewers to make a purchase.

Remember to Create a Balanced Feed

The prospect of being able to boost your company’s sales through social media can often lead to making the mistake of posting too many shoppable posts. However, making every post an ad can be off-putting to Instagram users. Try to aim for an 80/20 mixture that includes making 80% of your posts regular ones that provide information or celebrate a special event within your field. The other 20% can include calls to action regarding your company’s products and services. Making sure that your account holds value to your customers will help to keep them coming back to learn more, which leads to more returning purchases in the future.

As with any new sales strategy, you’ll want to make sure that you utilize Instagram’s capabilities to its fullest extent. Always make sure that your company’s Instagram posts cast your business in a positive light, and provide value to potential customers. Then, make sure to track the sales to identify how strong this approach is in helping your business meet its goals.

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