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Tailored Resources and Grants for NJ Startup Entrepreneurs

admin | April 17, 2024

New Jersey startup entrepreneurs have the benefit of operating in a state that is known for being one of the friendliest to small businesses. In New Jersey, you’ll discover that there is a wealth of grants, loans and other resources that make it easier to open a small business. But, you first need to know how to identify the right ones to fit your business needs. NJSBDC offers tailored resources that make it easier to start and grow your company.

Connect With an Expert Consultant Near You

Knowing who to trust can sometimes be one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face. After all, people love giving advice, and it can sometimes be hard knowing exactly who has your company’s best interests in mind. Our expert consultants offer comprehensive advice for your business that focuses solely on helping you to achieve growth. Receiving one-on-one support enables you to save time by focusing on your company’s specific needs as you talk to someone who is truly invested in seeing your company succeed.

Find Tailored Assistance at Each Level of Business Ownership

The first several years after opening a business are critical for its success. Yet, your questions and needs as a business that has been open for several years will be very different from those of an entrepreneur in the initial stages of opening a start-up. Our consulting services and educational resources are developed to assist business owners in the early stages of building a company. We’ll tailor your support to meet your needs as either a completely new startup, one that is currently existing or a small business that is ready to expand further.

Receive Customized Assistance With Securing Financing

For many small business entrepreneurs, the biggest hurdle to getting started is securing financing that makes it possible to make their dreams come true. Once you’ve started your business, you may also run into challenges with finding grants and loans to help bolster its growth. During the early period of 2019 to 2021, NJSBDC helped connect clients to $318,596,295 in total financing for their businesses, which includes loans and equity. Today, our goal is to continue building upon that amount to help even more businesses thrive.

Participate In Speciality Programs

Once your business has two or more years under its belt, you’ll be ready to shift your focus to new areas of entrepreneurship such as raising capital for an expansion. Or, you may be an entrepreneur whose business goal is to introduce new tech products or services to the market. Our specialty programs help you receive tailored support that includes pre-submission panel reviews, pitch-to-proposal seminars and assistance with building investor connections that make even the loftiest dreams possible.

No entrepreneur should feel like they are an island. Instead, you can surround yourself with support that helps you learn from small business experts who make it their mission to help entrepreneurs in New Jersey succeed. Reach out to one of our NJSBDC consultants today to begin finding the resources you need to transform your start-up into a successful established business with anticipated growth well into the future.

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