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5 Ways Technology Can Help Small Businesses Grow

admin | October 9, 2018

Growing a small business takes hard work, dedication, and willingness to think outside the box. Yet, there comes a point when you need to search outside of yourself for solutions to common issues that slow the growth of your business. Fortunately, new technology is constantly being developed to fit the needs of business owners, and you can use these strategies to begin to take full advantage of the options that best fit your company’s needs.

Increase Mobility Among Your Employees

In-office tasks are easier to manage now that technology provides solutions for common problems. For instance, your sales team can use mobile printers to quickly print out critical documents such as contracts for their customers to sign. Being able to put your sales force out into the field more allows them to continue to bring your company’s products and services to a larger market.

Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Company Website

With more customers spending time online, your company website must be viewed as an extension of your storefront. For an internet-based company, your website is the only thing that a customer may see before making a purchase. Website analytics allow you to see the effectiveness of your online presence so that you can make changes to bring in more customers. For instance, you may need to alter the keywords that you use in the content, or you may need to make it easier to navigate through each page.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Sure, Facebook and Twitter have long been viewed as a way for people to connect with their friends and family. However, small businesses can use savvy marketing skills to incorporate their brand into these conversations. Set up a company profile on a social media platform that tends to attract your customer demographics. Then, send out occasional updates about newsworthy events in your company. Giving customers insight into a new product or how you perform certain services keeps your brand on their mind. You can also consider every shared update to be free advertising that helps to drive your company’s growth.

Refine Your Marketing Strategies

Your small business must be taking advantage of online marketing opportunities or you are leaving money on the table. However, there are so many different types of online marketing options available that you can quickly lose sight of what actually works. With marketing software, you can use strategies such as geo-targeted advertisements to get your message out to the exact customers that you want to attract. Then, you can use the software to find out which methods are successful so that you can continue to build upon what is proven to work.

Use Project Management Software

Projects that involve multiple people such as a sales team, independent contractors, and supervisors, are vulnerable to issues that arise from miscommunication that can kill your profits. With project management software, your business benefits from giving everyone access to things such as shared schedules and note taking systems that serve as a central hub. When your team finishes projects faster and with more accuracy, you can expect to watch your customer base grow.

As you work to incorporate new forms of technology into your business model, remember that growth sometimes involves a few bumps along the way. Be sure to work with your team to analyze what works so that you can adjust your plan accordingly. With a little flexibility and willingness to try new things, you will see your business begin to flourish in no time.

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