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    Client Testimonials

    • “The services at NJSBDC have been phenomenal with the incredible support my business partner and I have received. Our SBDC consultant is of the highest caliber when it comes to business acumen in multiple industry segments and has provided countless guidance. I’d like to thank NJSBDC for their continued support and guidance.”

      - NJSBDC at Bergen
    • “As an independent business person who is still in the formative stages of bringing my very first business dream to life, having this kind of support is a true Godsend. I can speak in person or via email at regular intervals with a seasoned business coach, get advice on legal and tax matters, and learn what I need to know in a way that is thorough and unhurried…Thank you for providing this fabulously supportive service!”

      - Gemma Keremedjiev, NJSBDC at RVCC
    • The SBDC is a valuable tool for those with little to no business experience. This is a fabulous resource to ensure that entrepreneurs are making the right business decisions. My company would not be where it is today without assistance from the SBDC at Kean University.

      - Laura Rokosz
    • “SBDC-Northwest NJ has always provided very, very valuable information and consulting. Since we are in the process of starting our business, having the SBDC as a consultant has been valuable beyond words. They’ve helped us put things into perspective and look at issues in different ways. We look forward to working with them!”

      - Dale Carmody

      Prospective Entrepreneur (Morris County)

    • “It’s been nice to have a free service like the SBDC to help with my small business, since there isn’t any extra money to pay for expensive counseling somewhere else. I always tell friends with small business to look them up.”

      - Anthony Galati

      (Morris County)

    • “The NJSBDC professionals are great. I sat with a social media rep a few months ago and discovered many mistakes I made. Last week, I sat with another consultant about Facebook and she was very helpful. I learned some new things I didn’t know before.”

      - Alice Marin

      In His Hands Therapeutic Massage, LLC (Ocean County)

    • “Having my own two successful businesses in 40 years during these tough economic times can make you jaded and feel isolated. I have had two meetings with the NJSBDC and would recommend small business owners, experienced or entering their first entrepreneurial challenge to sit down and speak with SBDC experts for their open ear, understanding, empathizing, analysis of your individual circumstances, and feedback of current best practice approach to helping you.”

      - Thom Guida

      Preferred I.T. Jobs (Bergen County)

    • “I’m an Italian immigrant with a high school diploma. Thanks to the NJSBDC, I’m living the American Dream.”

      - Mario Tommolillo

      Classic Auto Body (Passaic County)

    • “I wanted to make my business explode and I met with the NJSBDC at Rutgers-New Brunswick to direct me and show me the way. It humbles me that after 26 years of doing it the wrong way, now I can do it the right way.”

      - Jonathan Wilner

      Harrington Limousine Service, Inc. (Middlesex County)

    • “NJSBDC was very helpful in taking my two year cash flow analysis and really fine tuning it. After the initial figures were piped in we then did a ‘what if’ analysis to see what changes were the most beneficial and what should be eliminated. My SBDC advisor has been a God send and a genius.”

      - Deidre McCarthy

      Advanced Built Structures (Hudson County)

    • “My experience with the NJSBDC has been extremely positive and directly responsible for the current and predicted growth of my business. The financial guidance, setting up of cost and income analysis, analyzing business decisions and possible outcomes has all taught me how to plan for our current needs and the future I hope to create. We would definitely benefit from the continued advice and guidance of our advisor.”

      - Trish Glazer

      Glazer Promos (Bergen County)

    • “The NJBSDC team has proven to be invaluable to us. It’s true that ‘we don’t know what we don’t know; but having the SBDC there to fill that gap alleviates the stress that comes with that uncertainty. They helped us understand what to do and what not to do in various areas that helped both in managing effort and expenses. Additionally, they taught us some best-practice concepts that helped us refine our work flow and product.”

      - David Zelov

      Kittatinny Mountain Farm (Sussex County)

    • “I’d like to thank the SBDC for sending him our way. Mr. Bennett offered guidance and advice that helped us. He made himself available mornings, afternoons, evenings, and called us intermittently to follow up on our progress. With his assistance, Tabatchnick Fine Foods was able to secure winning the BPA award from USAID. We want to express how grateful we are for his involvement on behalf of the SBDC. And we hope to continue to work with him for future contracts.”

      - Jason Tabatchnick

      Tabatchnick Fine Foods (Somerset County)

    • “I have taken courses and have had individual counseling given by the SBDC that has helped start up my business. I learned that my business was best as an LLC; I drew up a small business plan, I began to understand small business taxes, I learned how to file my business name, get my business tax id number, I learned how to get website visibility on the internet, and so on. I have learned so much and their services have made a great difference in my startup. I am grateful that they offer these services. They are very caring and knowledgeable and have made a difference with me. I will definitely go back when something arises in my business that I need help with.”

      - Emmanuella Grossman

      Frenchtown Healing, LLC (Hunterdon County)

    • “I am a brand new entrepreneur and Dolores of the SBDC-Northwest NJ has taken me through all the steps as a start-up enterprise. Her years of expertise enabled me to gain a better perspective of what I needed to do and how to do it. I feel much more confident being able to have a source to go to when I’m confused by red tape.”

      - Susan Corneilson

      Scand-American Doll Restoration (Morris County)

    • “As MBO grows and the business environment gets more complicated, it is important that organizations such as the NJSBDC continue to offer diverse services and assistance to small businesses such as MBO. Small businesses are vital for a strong and healthy economy, and with limited resources to fund business training, the SBDC provides much needed services to help us sustain and grow our businesses.”

      - Patricia A. Ott, P.E.

      MBO Engineering, LLC (Burlington County)

    • “The SBDC has been an outstanding resource to my business; right from the beginning in deciding the type of business entity to be, to hiring my first employee, to marketing. Their resources are far reaching and the fact that you can get this valuable advice at no or little cost is so important for a small business. I have very little money to spend on marketing costs and the advice and contacts I received from the SBDC has made all the difference in the world to the success of my business.”

      - Denise Sikora

      DL Health Claim Solutions, LLC (Middlesex County)

    • “Community services like the NJSBDC to assist businesses to grow and be profitable are vital. The mission of Small Business Development Centers is more crucial today than it has ever been: to try and help businesses grow out of this slow economy.”

      - Steve Sullivan


    Legislative Testimonials

    • “The NJSBDC network truly impacts on regional and state economic development . . . It not only provides key services and assistance to entrepreneurs and existing small businesses, but, it plays an important role in partnership with other business organizations and county economic development offices . . . The support State government provides to NJSBDC is well deserved since these centers offer the infrastructure necessary to ensure that the small business sector receives the kind of attention it should. They are the creator of jobs.”

      - Senator Christopher (“Kip”) Bateman,

      Former Minority Deputy Conference Leader
      (District 16 – parts of Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset Counties)

    • “I am always proud to work on behalf of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers because small businesses are the engine of our economy. Without the help of NJSBDC, it would be difficult for small business to find their way through the bureaucratic red tape.”

      - Senator Anthony R. Bucco,

      Senate Minority Budget Officer
      (District 25 – parts of Morris and Somerset counties)

    • “New Jersey’s Small Business Development Centers offer such a great array of services to help our small businesses grow and thrive . . . The work done by the NJSBDC in fostering a welcoming environment for small business really is crucial to our state’s overall economic health.”

      - Senator Linda R. Greenstein,

      Assistant Majority Leader
      (District 14 – parts of Middlesex and Mercer counties)

    • “Economic growth is a perennial concern for government officials. We are thankful that small business – with the help of the NJSBDC network, continues to be the leading national job creator.”

      - Senator Nellie Pou,

      Vice-Chair, Senate Higher Education Committee
      (District 35 – parts of Passaic and Bergen counties)

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