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The Small Business Voice: October 2019

admin | November 7, 2019

The Small Business Voice: October 2019
New Jersey Small Business Community Continues to Grow
By Brenda Hopper

I am proud to announce that America’s SBDC – New Jersey had a successful 2019 so far! The New Jersey
small business community continues to grow thanks to the strength of our time-honored businesses, the
development of hi-tech labs, community engagement and a growing diverse population. 

For the first half of 2019, 12 Regional Centers counseled and trained more than 6,800 small business
owners and individuals, delivering some 7,000 total counseling hours.

During the first six months of 2019, the NJSBDC network helped its clients obtain approximately $50
million in financing. During the same time period, NJSBDC clients saved and created more than 15,000

NJSBDC staff attended the 39th Annual America’s SBDC Conference held on September 3-6, 2019, in
Long Beach, CA. The theme of this year’s conference was “Exchange & Experience.” The attendees
exchanged their knowledge, skills and experiences within an enormous world of small business via
trade show exhibitors, the latest information on products and services, as well as networking with
colleagues from around the country that can ensure the success of their small business clients.

Our regional directors and professional staff brought back from the Conference valuable information
and a wealth of shared best practices. These exchanges and experiences will help us to develop new
programs and services and to adequately address today’s small business needs and incorporate this
shared knowledge into the work of our unique New Jersey economy, small businesses and their clients.

As always, we appreciate the support of our clients, stakeholders, partners, advisors, academic
sponsors, and staff. Thank you for your continued support of our program! We look forward to many
more years of providing no-cost, professional business advice to entrepreneurs and small business
owners throughout New Jersey!

Brenda B. Hopper is the Chief Executive Officer and State Director of America’s Small Business
Development Centers — New Jersey Network

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