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Tips When Using Online Hiring Platforms

admin | November 17, 2022

Online hiring platforms help you to get your job ads in front of a larger pool of candidates. While most platforms offer handy tools to make recruitment and hiring easier, you’ll still want to use the best methods for communicating with potential applicants and generating interest in the positions your company has available. Adding these strategies to your hiring practices will help you take advantage of the benefits that online platforms have to offer.

Create a Job Description That Shows the Company Culture

The job description essentially serves as the first point of contact between your company and a potential applicant. In the past, applicants could visit an office to get a general view of what life is like working for a company. Now, they’ll eagerly read the job description to look for some clues as to what your business is all about. Make sure to throw in some personality and be willing to mention perks such as hybrid work schedules. Remember that most applicants will read the first portion of the job description first and scan through the rest, so focus on making a strong opening statement.

Use Optimization to Show Up In More Searches

Your business likely already uses optimization on your websites and social media posts to generate more clicks. You’ll want to use a similar strategy when you create your job ads. Try to include the most relevant job title possible, which is what potential candidates will be putting into the search bar. Using relevant keywords in the job description is also beneficial for making the ad pop up in more searches. If you prefer for candidates to have knowledge of a specific program or other skills, then put it in there using the language they’d also use in their resumes and searches.

Strengthen the Consistency of Your Brand Across All Channels

After a candidate sees your job ad, you can bet that they’ll do some additional research to make sure that it is a good fit and legitimate. Take some time to make sure that all of the information that they find aligns with your company’s goals and overall culture. Job searchers who find inconsistency in how your company represents itself across different channels may choose to opt out of applying.

Make Sure the Application Process is Mobile-Friendly

The majority of job applicants move forward with the application process while they are perusing ads from their mobile phone. You’ll want to make sure that they can easily read through the job description and upload their resume from wherever they are at the time. If you need them to visit your company website to complete the application process, then make sure that it is also mobile-optimized for a streamlined experience.

As a final note, you’ll want to remember to provide a prompt response to every candidate, regardless of whether or not they are a good fit fo the position. Doing so encourages them to continue to apply for future positions if they don’t get this one. For strong candidates, providing a prompt response with follow-up information makes it more likely that they’ll continue through the entire hiring process.

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