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Top 5 Security Software Programs for 2022

admin | October 27, 2022

Protecting your company’s data from cyberattacks is a critical part of your business plan. On top of looking for software with antivirus protection, you’ll also want to choose programs that offer additional features that guard against phishing, ransomware and spyware attacks. Password protection is another option that you’ll likely want to include on your list of desirable features. Exploring how the top five security software programs for 2022 stand up to your company’s needs helps you pick a solution that offers the ultimate protection.

Avira Prime

This security program is known for being one of the best that you can use for small businesses. Avira Prime is a cloud-based program, which means that it won’t bog down your system and cause slowdowns or lags. Although Avira doesn’t come with a firewall, it does offer a fast and secure VPN. The program also has built-in software and a driver updater that takes a lot of the guesswork off of your hands.

ESET Smart Security

The protections offered by this program include anti-theft security, which is ideal if you have equipment frequently used out in the field, such as by in-person sales associates. On top of being able to protect data contained in a stolen laptop or tablet, you’ll also feel more secure knowing that the program offers multi-layered protection against a wide range of potential threats. You can also use the software to provide home network protection for security cameras, routers and other types of devices.

Kaspersky Small Office Security for Businesses

This company has made a name for itself based upon its ability to create software that is user-friendly and effective at containing security threats. With this program, you can control every computer on the network simultaneously while utilizing data threat intelligence that offers cloud-based monitoring. When the program finds evidence of something suspicious, it can move the file to quarantine or delete it on the spot, based on your preferences.

AVG Business Security

Small business owners benefit from being able to choose from several different versions of this software that help to tailor a security plan to fit specific needs. All versions of AVG business security software offer a Cybercapture feature that automatically sends unrecognized files to the AVG’s servers for scanning. Business owners and members of your IT support team also have the ability to manage all of the company’s devices remotely from a single source. A robust firewall tops off the benefits of choosing this option for cybersecurity services.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a VPN software that adds an extra layer of security when your business is conducting activities online. The software is effective at hiding your company’s IP and it provides encryption for any activity that is being done while the devices are using Wi-Fi technology. Small businesses on a budget can take advantage of this software’s free features to protect their data from hackers.

The level of cybersecurity that your small business needs can change over time. You’ll also find that new software programs are constantly being developed to stay on top of new and changing threats. Once you implement a program, make sure to continue to stay vigilant. Regular updates and reviews of a program’s effectiveness can determine when it may be time to make a change to your current cybersecurity plan.

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