Upgrade Your Business

Drive Your Business’ Success Beyond the “New Normal”

“Upgrade Your Business,” part of the #NJThrives initiative, is a comprehensive program of several online courses designed to help your business leverage its capabilities and competitive advantage towards success and resiliency in today’s economic climate.

Upon completing these courses, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion with a digital badge to add to their websites and social media platforms and online networking opportunities and access to other exclusive programs.  Click for more details on the “Upgrade Your Business” Certificates of Completion.

Find a Course in the Topics Below (Updated 6/24/2021):

Money Matters: Grants, Loans & Credit

Understand how to take advantage of the programs, initiatives, and resources available to you to stay in business and/ or expand your business operations.

The Money Matters series includes webinars discussing SBA programs such as the PPP, EIDL, and 504; locally offered economic development grant opportunities; tax implications, and more. This series also includes courses on establishing and improving your credit-worthiness.

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Digitize & Socialize: Leveraging Your Business with E-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Social Media

The Digitize & Socialize series includes webinars discussing website development, SEO, analytics, and various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and YouTube.

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Pain Points & Productivity: Overcoming Remote Workforce Challenges

Learn and understand the various programs available to manage your teams while working offsite.

About this Course:

The Pain Points & Productivity series includes webinars discussing online task management tools, time management applications, and other important new considerations with your team members working offsite.

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Legal Matters: Liabilities & Exit Strategies

Understand the liabilities presented in today’s climate and how to prepare for them.

About this Course:

The Legal Matters series includes webinars discussing intellectual property, trademarks, buying or selling your business, closing your business, and bankruptcy.

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Supply Chains & Vendor Pools: Supply Chains & Responsible Vending

Understand how to reinforce your supply chain to mitigate disruption and the tools and tactics needed to work with large organizations and corporations.

About this Course:

The Supply Chains & Vendor Pools series includes webinars discussing assessing and adapting to consumer behavior changes, routes to market, cost differentials, and chain transformation strategies. This series will also discuss how to participate in various procurement opportunities as a prime or sub-prime vendor, the responsibilities and expectations of working with large organizations and corporations, RFP/ RFQ preparation, and the certifications available to help leverage your goods and services.

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Cyber Issues: Cyber Security Threats & Protections

Understand and prepare for the various cybersecurity threats that could disrupt or devastate your business.

About this Course:

The Cyber Issues series includes webinars discussing malware, ransomware, spam campaigns, e-crime, internal data policies, the responsibilities of being hacked, cyber insurance, and more.

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Important Note:

This webinar is valued at $200 but provided to New Jersey businesses at no cost through the U.S. Cares Act grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.