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Using Newsletters to Grow Revenue

admin | December 8, 2022

Newsletters are an essential part of email marketing campaigns that have the benefit of helping your company delve deeper into topics its customers care about. While you don’t want to overwhelm subscribers with too many messages in their inboxes, sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter helps to keep your brand at the top of their minds. When you notice that responses seem to be lagging, try adding these strategies to rev up interest in your company’s newsletters.

Capture Interest With Creative Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers see when they receive an email, and a boring intro can cause them to just hit delete. Try to keep subject lines conversational, and highlight something interesting that the newsletter contains. Asking a question is an effective way to get subscribers thinking about how your business might help them. Mentioning something intriguing in the newsletter also piques people’s curiosity.

Use Images and Videos to Increase Visual Interest

If you were sending a print mailer, you wouldn’t think about leaving out a few colorful graphics. The same goes for online newsletters. People tend to zero in on areas of the newsletter that have bold colors and images. GIFs are especially great for creating eye-catching content.

Create More Space

Sure, you might have a lot of information that you want to cram into a newsletter, but trying to stack it all together can make it look clunky. Email newsletters should follow a similar format as your website content. Make sure to break up information into smaller, manageable chunks. Leaving space between paragraphs and using concise language makes it more likely that your subscribers will read enough to get the message.

Share Tips and How-To Guides

Sharing information is the best way to establish your business as a credible authority without seeming too salesy. If your newsletter sounds too much like an advertisement, then the subscribers might just unsubscribe. However, finding out helpful information that they’ll use in their daily lives makes your company become a valuable resource.

Keep in mind that how-to guides shouldn’t be too lengthy. Using infographics, GIFs and videos are great ways to educate people without making your newsletter too long to read.

Highlight the Main Call to Action

Once you’ve got the subscriber’s attention, you want them to do more than just close the email. Make sure to conclude the newsletter with a call to action that emphasizes what you want them to do. Are you eager for them to check out a new product? If so, then mention it and include a link. You can have secondary calls to action scattered throughout the rest of the piece, but you want to make sure to encourage action while your business is at the front of your subscriber’s minds.

Sticking with a similar format for the newsletter each time helps your customers to quickly scan it for new information. However, you want to avoid letting the newsletter start to get too boring. Creating a balance of familiar formatting with unique and engaging content helps to keep your subscribers reading to find out more about the products and services your business offers.

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